About AARY Athletica


Founded in Auckland (New Zealand), we believe your athletic apparel should tick a few boxes. It should be fashionable whilst supportive, ethically produced without compromising quality, and it should all be wrapped up in packaging that doesn't harm the environment. 

Because of this, we have a few 'ground rules' here at AARY Athletica.


1. Doing good by others

Everyone should have a safe work environment and receive a fair wage. Our products are manufactured ethically with textile workers being paid a fair wage, and working in a safe environment. We also want them to be able to celebrate holidays with their friends and families too! 


2. Environmentally conscious 

We're rather fond of our planet. So we've taken it into consideration when choosing our packaging materials, opting for eco friendly packaging to help reduce the impact AARY Athletica has on the environment. Specifically, our packaging is made from plants (primarily cornstarch) making them fully compostable, and our labelling is made from sugar cane bagasse (agricultural processing waste) to sweeten the deal.

We also take part in the DHL Go Green Solutions initiative, an environmental protection program with a global target of zero emissions by 2050. You can find out more about the DHL Go Green initiative here

(...& keep an eye out for our eco-friendly fabrics coming soon!) 


3. Paying it forward

When others support us, we want to pay it forward by supporting organisations working hard to do good too. We've proudly partnered with One Tree Planted, to help regenerate forestry globally which will give animals back their homes, and reduce the impact of C02 emissions. For each item purchased, one tree is planted - it's as simple as that! If you would like to look further into this great cause, or make a donation, you can find them here


4. Premium fabrics & fit

We want you to be able to love, and live in, your AARY Athletica pieces for as long as possible. That's why we only produce items with hand-picked, top quality fabrics that can handle the strains of an active lifestyle.

We also want you to love wearing your pieces! Each piece has been designed to mold to your body perfectly, so you feel your best in them too. 


5. Made to be seen

Lastly, we love that you're a stylish bunch, and we want to support your love for fashion both inside and outside the gym!

We have designed luxury pieces that you can work seamlessly into your wardrobe, and lifestyle. We want you to be able to go from your pilates class to brunch, to errands, all while looking your best. 


We strive to be a brand that you can be proud to wear, not just because you look great in our pieces, but because you believe in what we stand for. 

As we grow, we want to continue to expand how we are able to leave a positive impact both on our earth, and all those that call it home.